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SimpliTutor Features

Feature One

Use Course Builder to interact with your course materials, learning experiences, and assessments in one consolidated interface so you can visualize and review your entire course at once. The Course Builder interface is straightforward and efficient, transforming the process of course design and set-up from multiple steps in different tools into simple one-step actions. Whether you're starting from scratch or updating existing courses, Course Builder is an excellent tool for planning and organizing course materials.

As you build your course, Course Builder interacts with the following Learning Environment tools:

  • Content
  • Manage Files.
  • Discussions.
  • Quizzes.
  • Reports.

Course Builder still enables you to incorporate instructional design best practises when planning your course. As you build your course outline with modules and placeholders, you can add notes to each module and placeholder summarizing your course goals and learning objectives.

Feature Two

Video Library enable you to create and manage online video lectures in diffrent formats as you wish

LIt allows student to catch-up missed classes or review the classroom lectures.

Feature Three

Using SimpliTutor Video Manager you can create different type of videos and manage easily.Videos Manager gives you to to flexibility that you can easily edit and decorate video online according to you requirement.

Also it provides best directory structure so that you can easily make your own hierarchy of courses and subjects .

Feature Four

Using SimpliTutor Test Maker you can create tests or quizes for various exam like CAT, GATE, IIT, CA, CS, CMA etc.It can be easily adopted for other exam formats also.

With every test result students and teachers will get detailed analysis for their tests by which they can examine.Explaining solution to complex questions will be easy if explained through video or slides. SimpliTutotr provides an option to upload video or slides for answer explanation.

You can sell single test or Test Series

Feature Four

Create coupon codes to offer your course for free, or preset price. Discount by percentage amount. Set course expiration date or validity date.

Either you can sell courses by subjects wise or sell course full bundle.

Feature Four

SimpliTutor gives you the responsive website with lot of feature by which you can make it completely white label

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